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Bob Collymore, the Guyanese native steering one of Africa’s leading, largest and Multi-Billion dollar Telecom company, Safaricom Limited.Bob-Collymore-LOOKImage Source: @Bob Collymore

Things You Didn’t Know About Bob Collymore Biography

Bob Collymore real name is Robert William Collymore

Bob Collymore was born in 1958 in Guyana.

Bob Collymore grew up in a country with culture coupled with the most beautiful sceneries that comprise a mix of Amazonian rainforests, waterfalls and amazing wildlife. It was at his tender age while still with his grandmother he started enhancing his entrepreneurial skills at barely age of 12 years when he started earning money out of making art pieces from plasticine moulds sent to him by my mother who was then in the UK and also made little brooches from coconut shells and from these art pieces he equally made some good money. Sooner than later he landed his first ‘real’ job when he was 16 where he worked in a department store in the UK, which to him was actually fun where he would report to work at 6 a.m. to open and would be the last to leave after sweeping and locking up the store. In a nutshell, to him it was both hard work and a long day for a 16 year old but it taught him valuable lessons that he still applies today.

Bob Collymore started schooling while in Guyana under her grandmother care till his tender age of 16 years before moving to the United Kingdom in 1974, joining Selhurst High School for Boys, London and still where he completed his formal education. Nevertheless, it was in his early days in UK, As the only black child in his class, he tried to be “wallpaper” to avoid getting beaten up. “I didn’t even know what the word ‘wog’ was until I got there. I didn’t know what racial abuse was,” Bob recalls.

Bob likes flying helicopters especially his own and reading a lot and equally also has a deep appreciation for the arts and music.

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Bob Collymore is the Chief Executive Officer of mobile operator Safaricom Limited, Kenya since October 2010 and also serves as a Governance Director for Africa at Vodafone. Mr. Collymore served as Chief Officer Corporate Affairs at Vodacom Group Limited. Mr. Collymore served as Purchasing Director for UK business of Vodafone. He has spent most of his career in the telecommunications industry starting with British Telecommunications where he held a number of marketing, purchasing and commercial roles over a 15 year period. From 1994 to 1998, he served as Purchasing Director for Dixons Stores Group, the largest electrical retailer in the UK. Mr. Collymore served as Global Handset Purchasing Director of Vodafone since 2000 and responsible for its handset business across 26 countries and in 2003, he moved to Japan in the more commercial role of Consumer Marketing Director (Asia). He has been a Non Executive Director of Safaricom Limited since September 5, 2006. He served as Non Executive Director at Vodacom Group (Proprietary) Limited from September 2006 to February 24, 2009.

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  1. Sir Bob Collymore is so inspiring, he is a leader who has strong values that all of us admire. He speaks so well, against corruption. May God bless him!

  2. Congratulations in your achievements in life. Your are my role model in life. I’d like to be just like you when i grow up and if possible meet with you in future.

  3. Hello Bob collymore,
    Congratulations may you be blessed with many childrens i wish you all the best thank.
    Am refugee from northern part of kenya ifo dadaab camp.
    Phone 0719766474

  4. Dear Mr. Collymore,

    I am humbly requesting to help my fostered daughter (orphan) get any job anywhere. She holds a diploma in Purchasingcand Supplies but is jobless since qualification in 2013.

    Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.