Bridget Bema Biography


Bridget Bema Biography: Bridget Bema a Kenyan fast-rising kid comedian dubbed as Kenya’s Emmanuella, born on November 10, 2011.

Bridget Bema is the younger sister to veteran Churchill Show comedian YY.

Brenda Bema became an internet sensation when a viral skit, which was set in a typical primary school assembly, shows a man who seems to be the head teacher reel out the names of offenders based on several categories ― improper dressing, noise-making, bullying, being disrespectful to teachers and latecomers.

Each offender was asked to leave the assembly line, step forward and kneel in certain spots depending on the offence. With every category that the head teacher mentioned, Bema was a culprit.

Her innocent look and little stature was in sharp contrast with her character. At a point in the skit, the head teacher had to exclaim, ‘Ha! Bridget Bema again.’

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