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Kevin Buo is one of Kenya’s Most recognised photographers in the Kenyan Photography scene who jovial in nature, has cut his niche in the Kenya mainstream photography and carved a title for himself as one of Kenya’s Finest and Most well-known Celebrity photographers.kevin-buoart
Things You Didn’t Know About Kevin Buo|| Biography
Kevin’s photography is well-recognized by the name BuoArt, a name that he prides as his second name and adding the Art at the end.

After attending Meru School for his High School, Kevin Buo pursued a Graphic Design degree at the University of Nairobi.

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Kevin Buo founded and started BuoArt photography in 2011, a budding lifestyle photography studio that deals from everything – weddings, concepts, commercial model photography among other engagements. Kevin’s impetous passion for photography has helped drive his career to admirable heights and his mastery in the field has grabbed the attention of Kenyans and has had them trooping to his Nairobi based Buo Art studios.

Kevin Buo’s interest in photography was present as early as high school where he would borrow cameras and go take pictures. He actually spoilt my father’s camera back in high school and didn’t tell him about it but just put in the car and left for school. He later then called to tell him about it when I was in school, “niliona hawezi nitetesha nikiwa shule” recalls the young jovial photographer. Despite not having a specific style he truly does such beautiful work which mostly features a lot of sweet ladies, mostly sexy and Beautiful. Moreover, Kevin Buo is always grateful for his mentor James Panaito, a renowned photographer, who gave him his platform, studio and trained him to becoming what he has Become today. A normal day for Kevin starts as early as 9am at which point he already has a trailing list of clients; mostly ladies, flocking to his studio lounge. Ironically though, his studio chamber is a saintly white room; with lights and cameras gobbling up a quarter of the space which makes one wonder why so many clients would cram it just for a shot. A rigorous scrutiny of the room directs us to a series of high-tech computers tucked in one corner of the room, a testimony of how his photos end up being of top-tier quality, despite the plain white background. As with all things truly magical, his remarkable aptitude for capturing a good photo only came about after years of him putting in hard work..

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In 2011, came the birth of BuoArt and Kevin Buo has always done what he does Best; Doing Professional Photographer including having photographed Kenya’s most popular and controversial socialites such as Huddah Monroe, Vera Sidika and Risper Faith. His pictures are one of the main reasons that socialites have become such a hit, after all who wants to look at badly lit fuzzy photographs. Despite, Even with the sudden influx of professional photographers at the time, Kevin still dared to try, ultimately veering his way to the top and winning awards along the way such as BAKE’s Photographer of the year 2015 and also having amassed a quite a huge following on his online Social Media.

“The sky is the lower limit”
>>says Kevin, in regards to his future plans<<
“Yes, never give up! Two years ago I was begging people to send me their pictures to edit for free; I was really poor at editing. Just keep practising on your skills. I am still on the journey to perfect mine.”

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