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Republik DJ’s Creme de la Crème ,the Renowned Dj with an awful eyesight hence the hard to miss grey contacts which he has had since 2006 that he took his Dj Career seriously . Why grey? Well, women love them he says and I gotta admit they are pretty hot!DJ-creme-DEAJAYING
Things You Didn’t Know About DJ Crème de la Crème
George Njuguna goes by name DJ Crème de la Crème as his stage name having evolved from an amateur decksman to one of the most Celebrated and Fine Dj in East Africa.

Mr George also loves being a daddy and describes it as the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Him and his wife Denise are  blessed with two children Jamari and Zawadi..

Republik DJ’s Creme de la Creme and his girlfriend Denise King’ang’i have been together on and off for more than six years and recently moved in together after being blessed with Jamari.
Denise has stood by him through thick and thin and as a man it comes a time when you have to settle down.

DJ Creme de la Crème gotta give him some credit though I mean he is a smart geek. This DJ was index one in school, scored an A- in my KCSE and graduated with a 2nd upper Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Kabarak University, so truly values education.
A throwback photo of DJ extraordinaire Crème de la crème back in primary school on opening day.

DJ Creme de la Crème is the brain behind the successful epic nation clothing , which dresses several celebrities and that comprises of really cool tees, hoodies and sweatshirts.

DJ Creme de la Crème and his lawyer actually did a valuation earlier 2014, and factoring in my brand value, assets, debts and coin savings it came to about $200,000.

#Role Model
Internationally , DJ Creme de la Crème’s role model is Business Mogul Sean Combs alias Puff Daddy a.k.a P Diddy who is definitely inspiring to him
From his beloved home country its Kenya’s leading industrialist tycoon and Multi-Billionaire Manu Chandaria who is his entreprenurial role model.

DJ Creme de la Crème, started deejaying in 2003 when he was in Kabarak University. In 2006 that when he started doing it seriously. He used to make a video mix called “The Chronic” for matatus, then he’d get stall owners in town to advertise on it for about Sh6,000 each, and truly it would bear fruits and help him pay for his rent. He also hated the idea of an office job where he had to take orders from someone. Sooner than later, he was incubated at Codered for two years and when time came to leave, he claims it was the biggest risk he ever took without even a Plan B.Luckily, he got a call from DJ Mr Prime a few days later asking me if he wanted to host this new TV show he was working on called “Xtreem”.Without thinking twice about it. The following day he got into a matatu, headed to the TV station and straight on air without so much as a signed contract. Despite by today’s standards the pay wasn’t that much, but it gave him immense visibility. In a nutshell, his Dj career has been a beautiful journey since.


Kenyan’s Celebrated Spin master DJ Stylez happens to be a very supportive figure to Dj Crème Career path in Deejaying; where for Dj Crème its all started as an Undergraduate in Kabarak University after attending one of DJ Stylez’s gigs and seeing how the girls mobbed DJ Stylez that he just decided he wanted to be that guy. Somewhere down the line he stumbled upon DJ Stylez’s number and sent him a text asking if he could drop him his demo, and surprisingly he said yes. That’s how he ended up in Codered.DJ Stylez gave him a platform from just watching his video mixes when he even barely knew him at all. He doesn’t think he’d have been where he is if it wasn’t for him. He taught him How to Play, How to MC, How to Work a crowd and within the two years when he was at Codered, he had made a name for himself.

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