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Erik Hersman alias the White African is widely renowned and respected technologist, keynote speaker, blogger, geek, commentator and power networker who specializes in the impact and application of technology throughout Africa and a key figure of the African Blog revolution. His work is widely recognized among the technology, development and humanitarian communities harnessing Africa’s boundless spirit of innovation by creating platforms to improve daily lives both inside and outside the continent


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Hersman attended Rosslyn Academy and Rift Valley Academy in Kenya and later headed to Florida, USA graduating from the University of Florida and attaining his Bachelors in Business Administration.

Hersman is husband to Rinnie and they have been blessed with three beautiful girls that keep him on my toes as a dad.

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Hersman he runs two popular and influential blog websites which have become widely acclaimed in the African blogging community and most importantly he is particularly grateful to be a part of the Kenyan blogging family, which has a fantastic group of bloggers in it..The first is WhiteAfrican which is his personal blog, a place where he throw ideas out and where he writes about high-tech mobile and web technology on the African continent .
Secondly is AfriGadget, a multi-author website dedicated to showcasing African ingenuity which was started as a team blog to talk about low-tech ingenuity and Micro-Entrepreneurs in Africa despite he doesn’t get to do much on it anymore since JKE has taken over editor responsibilities.

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