Esmond Bradley Martin Biography

Esmond Bradley Martin Biography

Esmond Bradley Martin Biography: Esmond Bradley Martin is a lifelong wildlife conservationist, author, WWF philanthropist and one of world’s leading ivory trade investigator(s).

Esmond Bradley Martin Biography, Age, Family, Career, Background.

Esmond Bradley Martin lost his life on Sunday Feb 4th 2018 at his Karen home in Langata area of Nairobi. It’s reported that he had a stab wound on his neck, a possible case of murder.

Esmond Bradley was born in 1942.

Esmond Bradley Martin was an American geographer.

Mr Esmond first came to East Africa in the 1970s when there had been a huge slaughter of elephants in the region, followed in the 1980s by rhinos.

“In Kenya, there were around 20,000 rhinos in 1970, but by the 1990s, most of the rhinos had been eliminated. The puzzle was: why were all these rhinos being killed, and where was the horn going?” Esmond told the Nomad Magazine.

Esmond had been travelling all over the world with his wife and colleagues Lucy Vigne and Dan Stiles, to identify the markets, the traffickers and the modern-day uses of the illegal poaching practices. Among his achievements was helping persuade China to shut down its legal rhino horn trade in 1993.

Mr Esmond Bradley was married to Chryssee Martin.

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