Jane Mugo Biography


Jane Mugo Biography: Jane Mugo is a Kenyan Private investigator and a detective.

Jane Mugo is the Chief Executive Officer of Trimo Security, is a leading private investigation firm in Kenya going by her customers, who include law companies and business entities such as Equity Bank, the Kenya Revenue Authority, Bhachu Industries, InvesteQ Capital, Herbatullah, Victoria Furinitures, Keroche Industries, and CRADLE.

Jane Mugo holds a degree in criminology from Kenyatta University.


“I started as a salesperson at a hardware store in Nairobi in 1999.”

However, her eye-opener came during a short stint at the Kenya Police as an undercover agent after training as a detective with the Criminal Investigation Department.

“Kenya Police has been key in my operations. In business, you have to reach out to those who will enrich your venture. People are the money, people build you and your business,” she says.

In 2003, she was hired by former CID director Joseph Kamau as a security officer for Khaman Securities Company, where she was promoted to the post of chief investigator. And for three years, she honed her skills working on forensic investigations, VIP protection, fraud, and security consultancy.

It was while at Khaman that her journey into the world of private investigation started.

“I developed a great love for my job. But I wanted more. I felt that I could be my own boss,”

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