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Janet Mawiyoo is the Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF).

Things you didn’t know about Janet Mawiyoo Biography

Janet’s full name is Janet Naumi Mawiyoo.

Janet Mawiyoo is a certified Organization Development consultant, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in social work from Nairobi University, a Masters of Arts degree in development administration and management (MA-Econ) from the University of Manchester (UK), and a post graduate diploma in Organization Development Consultancy from the Swiss Institute of Applied Psychology, Switzerland.

Janet Mawiyoo worked with the Kenyan government in both the Ministry of Culture and Social Services and the Ministry of Technical Training and Applied Technology. She also worked in the technical assistance programme of the Norwegian Agency for Development and with Action Aid International, where she rose from a Programme Officer in Kenya to become the Country Director of Action Aid International Tanzania.

Janet Mawiyoo was awarded the Exemplary Women’s Leadership Award in Mauritius in DEcember 2015.

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