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Moipei Quartet, the sensational and talented Maasai girls endowed with beautiful voices are Kenyans most celebrated songbirds have been in the public limelight pretty much all their life.moipei-quartet

Things You Didn’t Know About Moipei Quartet || Biography


Moipei Quartet as the name depicts is group name for four members singing band who happen to be sisters by blood and for Moipei is a Maasai name taken up by four sisters of which comprises of triplets namely Mary, Martha and Magdalene and their younger sister Seraphine, from their father Nicholas Ole Moipei.


The Moipei triplets Mary, Martha and Magdalene were born in 1993 and their younger sister Seraphine Setoon was born on october 4th, 1995 in Kenya. They are originally from Mara in Narok county but now resides in Lavington, Msongari.

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Moipei Quartet are all sisters and they are daughters to a music teacher and chairman of the Kenya Music and Cultural Festival, Mr Nicholas and a career banker, who had left for ten years to care for them, Christine Moipei, both of whom have been deeply involved in their children’s careers and a great inspiration in their upbringing.


Moipei Quartet are alumni of Brookhouse International Schools and moreover having earned a partial scholarship at the same prestigious institution.


Moipei Quartet began their musical journey and singing over a decade ago under the training of their teacher and father Nicholas Ole Moipei. Mostly their style of music is classical and oftenly perform a capella. Along the way, in 2009 they released their first album – Land of the Lions.


Moipei Quartet is a band of four, specializing in Acapella. The talented Quartet is a blend of voices which can turn a place into an orchestra and accompanied with various instruments to bring out a grand composition of classical music. In a nutshell, Mary sings Soprano and plays the clarinet and the saxophone; Magdalene sings deep alto and plays the flute, piccolo and violin; Malta sings in Soprano and plays the trumpet and the euphonium and Seraphine sings in alto.


Moipei’s first award was when they excelled in Kenya Music Festival (KMF) in 2002 and held onto the trophy for the next three years.

Moipei Quartet were awarded the Head of State Commendation (HSC) by the third President of Kenya, His Excellency Mwai Kibaki in 2007, for their outstanding contribution to the Music Industry and the Nation.

In 2009, with their first ever album – Land of the Lions, won the 4th SABC Crown Gospel Musical Award in Durban, South Africa as Best of Africa.

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Moipei Quartet were picked by UNICEF as ambassadors at the age of 12 and 10 respectively making them the first ever UNICEF child Ambassadors in Kenya.


Moipei Quartet love reading, singing, dancing, watching movies, sometimes hanging out and serving the community.


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