Mutahi Ngunyi Biography


Renowned political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi  is a political scientist based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Things you didn’t know about Mutahi Ngunyi Biography


Mutahi grew up in Eastlands.


Mutahi Ngunyi  has taught at the University of Nairobi, University of Leeds (Visiting Research Fellow), University of Helsinki in Finland (Visiting Research Fellow), Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (Associate Research Fellow) and the Scandinavian Institute for African Studies (SIAS) as a researcher on structural adjustments and political conditionality.


Ngunyi is currently the Principal Fellow at both TCH and IPEX.Mr. Mutahi Ngunyi Mr. Ngunyi has worked and consulted in more than 15 countries of Africa and Europe.

Mr. Ngunyi has also taught and worked as a researcher in a number of universities and institutions in Kenya and Europe. He also served as the director of an East African research and publishing NGO operating in the Great Lakes Region. Under this NGO, he was the publisher and editor of a number of publications.

Mr. Ngunyi’s has undertaken assignments for inter alia, DFID-London, Review of National Action Plans for Small and Light Weapons in Uganda and Kenya.


Mutahi Ngunyi is currently the CEO of Consult Afrika, a research consortium operating in ten countries of Africa and involved in knowledge management.


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