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Peter Sidede Onyulo was a Kenyan actor, most famous for his role as Owour in Oscar-winning movie Nowhere in Africa.


Sidede Onyulo was born on 1955 in Kajulu, Kenya.

Sidede Onyulo attended school at Muthaiga Primary (1965–1968) and at Nairobi School (1969–1976) before enrolling at the University of Nairobi where he studied law between 1975 and 1978.


Peter Onyulo had studied in Law school, but he quit his profession to accomplish his desire of being an actor and decided to embrace theatre, a decision that was denounced by his friends and his family.


His breakthrough occurred with the German movie Nowhere in Africa (2001), for which he got the prize for best supporting actor at the Dublin festival.


Onyulo explained in an interview why acting had such a small number of fans in Kenya:
“They think this is a career that should not be taken seriously and look down upon actors. They think we are mad the way the people of Kafira thought Jasper Wendo was in Betrayal of the city.”


Onyulo fell sick while at his rural home at the foot of Kajulu hills and was rushed to a private hospital and died a week later.

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