Rev Reinhard Bonnke Biography (GERMANY)


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German evangelist Reinhard Bonnke is a Pentecostal evangelist, principally known for his gospel missions throughout Africa.
Reinhard Bonnke was born on 19 April 1940 in Königsberg, East Prussia, Germany.
Rev Reinhard Bonnke real full name is Reinhard Willi Gottfried Bonnke.
Bonnke studied at The Bible College of Wales in Swansea, where he was inspired by the director Samuel Rees Howells.
Bonnke met Anni Suelze at a gospel music festival, and admired the grace with which she recovered from a wrongly pitched music performance at the expense of losing the competition. He offered to preach at the church she attended one Sunday and fell in love with her. They married in 1964 and have three children and eight grandchildren.

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