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Terryanne Chebet is an Entrepreneur and influencer, Corporate Emcee, Moderator and former Citizen TV anchor.

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Terryanne Chebet was born in Kitale.

The celebrated former news anchor has shared before her journey from selling ‘Mitumba’ (Second-hand clothes) in her rural home in Kitale to rising and becoming a prime time news anchor.

“I’ve always been interested in Business. My first business was actually selling ‘Mitumba’ clothes. When i’d just finished high school and i had nothing to do.One day, i was home and my mum gave me a couple of hundred shillings , so i went to Kimilili, where there is a market that had amazing things. I came home washed, ironed, packaged and sold what i bought for Sh10 for say Sh50 or Sh70.”

Terryanne Chebet is arguably East Africa’s leading Business TV Host, who reports on news and business stories from across the African Continent, interviewing Heads of State, Global Business leaders, Policy makers & Top CEO’s. Multi-talented Terryanne Chebet  is also known for being an actor, singer and a poet. Terryanne is also a Communications Consultant and a Bloomberg ALI Fellow.
The trained TV producer started off at KBC in 2004 and later worked for CNBC Africa, CCTV Africa before joining Citizen TV.

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Terryanne is also the CEO of Scarlet Digital, a 360 Advertising and communications firm that opened in 2011. Scarlet Digital prides itself as a house that understands digital conversations and helps propel brands in that space.
Terryanne is also the founder of Keyara Organics, a natural Bath and body product lines that boasts the best of Africa’s butters, oils and scents.

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