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Sharon Mundia the founder of This Is Ess, Kenya’s Best fashion blog. She has not only risen to become a fashion icon but also one of the most sought after for beauty product endorsements.

Things You Didn’t Know About Sharon Mundia – This is ess || Biography


Sharon Mundia was born in 1989 in Kenya to a Veteran Journalist , Mundia Muchiri and Mrs Mundia.


Sharon Mundia,the pretty looking blogger started out at Rusinga where she did the GCE system  while at Rusinga, she did very well in literature and won some national awards. Later she headed to Monash University in South Africa to study Management and Marketing as her dad anticipated she would go into banking or corporate management.


Sharon Mundia has shown keen interest in fashion and her relatively large following attests to this, as per her blog She is always pleased to show the world what she has in her wardrobe and shares her life events with her fans. Her videos are exciting and informative.To her, fashion is not only about dressing, it is a lifestyle. She is quite a narrator, since her blog always has much to say about herself and any interesting activities in her life.  She is indeed attractive and her figure works in synchrony with all her attire.What makes Sharon special is that she has stayed true to her ideals and the business world is yet to corrupt her mind. She has turned down big deals from some brands, simply saying she won’t tell her readers to use products she wouldn’t use herself. Her personal style general it is feminine, a little romantic, classic and simple.



Sharon Mundia won the Best Fashion Beauty and style  Blog of the year at the BAKE Awards.



Sharon’s journey into the fashion world was however also spurred by her father Mundia Muchiri who is a veteran journalist himself. Speaking to The People’s Millicent Muthoni,  Mr Muchiri narrated how his daughter gravitated towards blogging. Sharon Mundia’s dad started inculcating the culture earlier on in her life “I have always bought books and magazines obsessively for my family, so Sharon started reading Vogue, Vanity Fair and other such magazines at a very young age. She always had a flair for the English language and at first I thought she would become a magazine editor in the footsteps of South Africa’s Khanyi Dhlomo, the former True Love editor” he says. Far from it, after one year working in Nairobi, Sharon decided she wanted to pursue her interest in blogging. She made a pact with her parents that she would give it a one year trial. “She told us she wanted to quit her job and do this on a fulltime basis and we said yes, on condition that it’s a trial thing for one year”.She started blogging in January 3, 2012 this was just when she had broken up with her boyfriend and she was devastated. She  had just finished university as well . Nevertheless, she was lucky to find a company that was interested in hiring she so soon after school.During the day she would focus on work and then in the evening, instead of just watching sad movies, she started blogging. She  found it distracting and exciting to see who read her blog, looked at her pictures or left a comment.To her, her readers are the best. Actually, when she started blogging it wasn’t about fashion. Her topics ranged from random purchases she had made, like a kikapu. As time went by, she decided to focus on my personal style.Moreover she works hand in hand with her photographer, Victor Peace 

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