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Victor Peace is the Official Photographer of Sharon Mundia Brand and Blog, Thisisess. Victor is a Spirited and Focused Lifestyle Commercial Photographer truly loves his work. In fact, he may not even refer to it as work but as simply waking up and having fun coz that’s what he truly enjoys; Taking photos of Beautiful happy things.victor-peace

Things You Didn’t Know About Victor Peace|| Biography
Victor Peace studied Computer Science and Technology in Strathmore University based in Nairobi.

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Victor Peace’s journey into photography began in 2013 and currently works with his New Studios called Kudos where he challenges himself, grow as a photographer, learn and raise the standards with his work. In addition, he is the founder and brainchild behind – Piece by Peace.

Victor’s major inspiration into photography was courtesy of his Grandfather’s cousin. Yes, you read correctly; Grandfather’s Cousin. According to Victor is one of the coolest person he knows with experience internationally and tattoos to boot, who was a huge photographer, going to Japan and working all over the world. Victor loves taking photos of beautiful happy things and dreams always that he will one day shoot for Vogue.

Like fashion, Victor loves and enjoys taking photos of beautiful happy things and sometimes spends most of his time watching Fashion TV, which captivates and drives him in his work.

Victor Peace always knew that IT was not going to be his life. Although he wasn’t certain about his career, Victor never stopped searching. He even tried playing the violin from which he played for one year but when photography came into the picture, he quickly sold everything and started saving up for equipment. It was this sense of purpose that put the full stop in his career searching. So when he started photography, he loved it and he knew this was it. Victor’s mentor was a pilot and photographer by hobby who guided him into the field. Victor asked him to purchase a camera for him during his travels seeing as though it would likely be cheaper. Victor recalls his mentor telling him that the camera he was interested in buying would cost him Ksh 150,000 equivalently to $1,500 and after selling everything he had, Victor had 80,000 and his mentor got him the camera for 80,000 and said to save the rest instead of paying back since he saw Victor’s commitment and that’s how it started. Victor’s first job was shooting for events through activation companies where he would go shoot for them then they pay him Ksh3000/$30 for the whole night. His greatest learning curve came when he was called to shoot in Mombasa for a beach party which pretty much a breaking point, claims the lifestyle photographer; where he was paid 12,000 which included the fee, transport and lodging. They paid him the first half and Victor jumped into a bus.

After a delay, he arrived in Mombasa late, to be specific Mtwapa, where he was to shoot. “I was upset but when we reached, I was told that the place I was going to in Mtwapa, there was a bomb. I was like, ‘God knew what He was doing.’ I was then told it was cancelled and wouldn’t be paid. This was 1am.” Recalls Victor. Having no place to stay, not knowing Mombasa or where to go, Victor was, as he stated, “super stranded.” Those who were setting up the party showed him a place he could stay the night. Victor recounts it thus: “It got dodgier and dodgier by the minute and the bed was not an option. I stayed up the entire time, set out at 5am and walked down the streets with my camera and tripod. I told myself, I am not going to waste this opportunity. I decided to shoot at the ferry and I got so engrossed, I missed the bus,” he tells us laughing. Luckily, Victor was called by a man in a Probox who offered to take him to Nairobi and he went for it. “When I got to Nairobi, I was like, that is the last time I am doing that again, anything could have happened.” Around the same time he was shooting for events, Victor met Sharon Mundia from This is Ess. Victor is the man behind the photos and it all began at their first meeting during the “Shaken Not Stirred” fashion event. “I saw her and I thought she was so pretty. I was so scared so I told her that she needed a flash if she is shooting at night. She looked at me and told me ‘I am not a professional photographer’ and walked away,” he recalls laughing concluding his pick up line failed. He was then sent to take photos for a blogger being interviewed and it turned out to be Sharon, again, he laughs, thinking that it was destiny. Since then, they have laughed about it and have since been working together.

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