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Willis Raburu, is the creative man whose husky voice accompanies Truthmeter which airs on Citizen Weekend and leaves most Kenyans in giggles as Willis gives a light touch of what our politicians said and did during the week.  His command of English is maybe what gunners him the adoration of most ladies and respect from most men.

Things you didn’t know about Willis Raburu Biography.


Willis Raburu was born on 1st April, 1987.


Willis Raburu is a born again Christian who was born in Kano, Nyando District in Kisumu County. Raburu is the 3rd born and last boy in a family of four.


Willis Raburu attended Aga Khan Primary school in Kisumu City and later joined Chemelil Academy High school which was a mixed boarding school. Willis admitted that he used to fetch water for other students when there was none in the school tanks at a fee.

Willis joined Moi University where he studied Bachelor of Information Science- Media. A passionate journalist. His father wanted him to do IT but Willis had a passion for Media so he lied to his father that he was studying IT only for his dad to discover that he chose the Media option during his graduation in 2010.


Willis Raburu joined K24 as an intern while in third year at Moi University.  After graduation he was hired by citizen TV in October 2010 when he was 24 years. He has worked there till now.

“When I was 24 and I got hired by Citizen Television straight out of campus – that was a very pivotal point in my life. Many did not believe that one can get employed at a reputable organization without having ‘key’ connections. The job came at a time when I had been turned down by other local TV stations – they told me I did not have the right type of voice for broadcast,” he said.

#Role Models

Steven Sucker of BBC on how he conducts interviews. Anderson Cooper on his presentation and ability to attack issues as well as sustain people’s attention to the end.


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