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Barcelona footballer and born 2003, Xavi Simons is dubbed ‘Golden Curls’ in Barcelona – a natural-born winner.

Things you didn’t know about Xavi Simons Biography

Xavi Simons was born on 21st April 2003 in Amsterdam.

Xavi Simons was named after Barcelona midfielder Xavi.

He is the son of Regilio Simons, who was a professional footballer in Holland and is a good friend of Patrick Kluivert.

When Xavi was little, the Simons family moved to Alicante, where Barça would spot the player. He joined for the 2010-11 season and began in the Pre-Benjamin side. Since then he’s pushed through the categories, is always among the best players in his teams, and is now playing for Infantil B with Sergi Mila as his coach.

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