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Yvonne Darcq is arguably one of East Africa’s talented and fastest rising female Recording artistes based in Kenya. From her creativity to her diverse fashion to her colorful personality, this young RnB songstress not only has a powerful glorious voice but also has a lot of accomplishments up her sleeves. Her overnight success can be attributed to her magnificent voice, her originality, a personalized incredible fashion sense is and her having looks that could kill is definitely a plus.Yvonne-Darcq

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Yvonne Darcq was born in Maridi in South Sudan in 1990.

Yvonne Darcq is her real name but also goes by H.B Queen aka Dar C-Q as her stage names.

Yvonne Darcq attended Kindergarten and later joining Breaburn School before moving to Greensteads School in Nakuru.

According to her mum and dad, Yvonne Darcq when she was about the age of 2 years old, she was already humming and singing in baby language ever since they could remember. Miss Darcq sang through out kindergarten to high school in many shows, plays and concerts and also did ballet, a lot of contemporary dance and rnb. Yvonne started singing in front of an audience in Kindergarten but little did she know even though it was her dream from the age of 2 that she would pursue it as a career which is a life time dream being achieved! One of her first challenges she performed a dance to a song and did an arccapella song in front of thousands of kids and teenagers at an October fest held on the outskirts of Nairobi. Its was frightening at the same time challenging and don’t forget a beautiful memorable moment and in the end she won an award along side others who did different challenges and age groups. In the holidays from the age of 10 till 15, Yvonne, her sister and cousins would bring together the family to watch a play, dancing, singing and modelling done by them they would prepare themselves days before, rehearse and on the day decorate the venue and have a party after the show. (Lots of fun Memories).Yvonne started taking Art, modelling and music seriously in Breaburn School where she had some vocal training and piano lessons. She then moved to Greensteads School in Nakuru were she did her first ever track with a friend of her’s who is also a singer Vanessa Kaime (Beautiful voice) and did the rap part. The two young ladies wrote the song together. The song is called Anytime, produced and recorded by Mr Mwashimba. The band from the school which Yvonne was part of with her fellow students had a musical trip to the U.K. It was an inspirational and emotional trip for them all, they performed in different parts of the U.K, mainly in schools, churches and theatres which was truly and is still truly one of Yvonne’s most memorable moments despite working with her school mates was a challenging, very tiring and most amazing experience ever! Yvonne then met Sidney Armstrong; the CEO of Head Bangaz International and Sarboah Bowier the Producer. And there they started recording and working on Yvonne’s music. Since then Yvonne has worked with many producers and artists and has done several projects and is currently working on an Album. At the moment she is signed and recording at Head Bangaz International.

Yvonne Darcq is an RnB songtress who started her career at the age of 13 when she recorded her first single “Anytime” ft. Fina and another school mate. The song was produced and recorded by her school music teacher Mr. Mwashimba at The Greensteads School, Nakuru/Kenya. YDQ then went on a school music tour in the U.K the following year were she and her schoolmates (band and choir) performed at several important venues around the country. In 2006 Yvonne joined Head Bangaz int. were she started recording here first album. Moreover, she likes playing piano and Flute Base Guitar.

Yvonne Darcq loves cooking, sports, travelling, dancing, modelling and a Clothing designer.

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Yvonne Darcq draws Inspirations from her family, Aretha Franklin, Macy Gray, Chaka Khan, Tina Turner, Erykah Badu, Tracy Chapman, Bob Marley, Ray Charles, John legend, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Ne-Yo, Nelly Furtardo, Makoma, Mercy Myra, Justin Timberlake, Backstreet boys, Yousou Ndour, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Jills Vignaulp, Bob Dillen, Ottis Redding, Felix Le Clerc, Joe Cocker, Beatles and the list It goes on an on with such too many amazing people that have inspired and keep inspiring her.

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Yvonne Darcq was nominated in four categories at The East African Kisima Awards: New artist of the year, urban artist, reggae/ragga video of the year, upcoming artist and also through the video Toi et ta vie ft. Dama Do Bling was nominated for the 2011 Museke Awards held in New York, USA.

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